Michael Hill

Hello! This is my story.

Michael Hill is an MBA-educated professional who is skilled in banking, finance and business. He can identify, analyse and transform businesses into highly profitable and effective companies.

Michael is experienced in training and development, Microfinance, Commercial lending, SME lending and Corporate finance. He has implemented strategic IT systems for Nedcor, JD Group, HomeChoice, DirectAxis and several local and international retailers and financial institutions. Michael has worked with major banks, financial services, credit bureaux and retailers in the Czech Republic, Middle East, United Kingdom, Australia and Africa.

Michael has published 12 articles in an international risk magazine and authored a chapter in an international credit risk and collections management handbook. He has also presented at numerous conferences on topics like credit risk management, collections, banking and business management and has lectured MBA students. In addition to these, he successfully established and ran a training academy, catering to over 5000 students in five years.

Michael’s greatest achievement was building a commercial bank in 5 countries, which offered microfinance, commercial lending and SME’s, which was valued at $ 1.3 billion.

Michael holds a General Management Diploma and Masters Degree in Business Administration at the Business School Netherlands, where he has also lectured in Information Management. He also holds a Project Management Diploma from the University of Stellenbosch, a Management Leadership Development Program Certificate from the Gordon Institute of Business Management and a Project Management Certificate from the X-Pert Academy.

My Education

Harvard University

MBA from Harvard Business School 2004

University of Michigan

BBA (2006)

My Experience


Head of Industry

Self - employed

Professor and Consultant

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