Carl John Lotter

Lecturer & Leadership Development Strategist

CEO South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation
Senior Associate Africa Strategy group
Member of the Board of Directors Cape Nature
Carl specializes in SMME, international trade and investments, corporate governance and government relations; providing strategic advisory to both business and governments.
A former diplomat – Carl served as South Africa’s trade & development representative to Australia and the USA – he has extensive international experience in the financial services, energy and water utilities, minerals and other strategic economic development sectors. In recognition of his leadership in developmental economics, Carl was awarded the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship by the USA government; enabling studies at the Boston University School of Management, focusing on finance and investments in developing countries.
Carl is the recipient of the Harvard South African Fellowship and attended Harvard University as a Senior Fellow attached to Elliott House. He also attended Harvard Business School’s Senior Executives Development program. On completion of the program, he undertook an internship at Barclays Bank International Division in New York, USA.
Carl is passionate on issues related to economic development – focusing on developing processes and practices, to promote corporate governance and international best practices in business and government.

Harvard University

MBA from Harvard Business School 2004

University of Michigan

BBA (2006)


Head of Industry

Self - employed

Professor and Consultant

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