About Us



Since 2009, LWA Leadership Institute has been shaping visionary leaders in corporate and public sectors environments with the aim to achieve a single development model that maps a pathway towards Africa’s development.
The institute collaborates with strategic learning partners around the globe to ensure it remains up to date the latest development strategies and thinking.
All our programs form part of a unique Think-tank model designed to facilitate a focused engagement on innovative and practical strategies for Africa’s sustainable development.



Leadership in the LWA context is an idea that seeks to raise visionary leaders that will lift the face of the African continent to a whole new level in the 21st century. As a leader in the corporate, public or political environment, we will agree that there is an indisputable need to continue to dream of a better future of our continent.  The success of this journey is only possible with the massive emergence of a new breed of African visionary leaders.



Our programs are designed for aspiring leaders and leaders from corporate and public spheres: CEOs, Directors, Board Members, Managers, Entrepreneurs, NGO Leaders, young leaders and political leaders

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